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God’s Signature

May 24, 2011

Have you ever gotten a glimpse of God’s handwriting? Ever been caught off guard by the revelation that God Almighty is far more visible and near than you have recognized in a long time? That’s where I’ve been lately—undone by the nearness of His glory.

God has handwriting, and if you don’t think so, consider this. Any manifestation of God, anything that evidences God’s existence—that’s His glory. And glory is God’s supernatural signature, Every time you see something that leaves you wide-eyed and speechless, something that only God could have done, only God could have made—that’s glory.

From that songbird chirping at daybreak, to the ocean waves rolling and crashing on the shore without end, to an outer space that’s so vast we can’t begin to comprehend it, to the tiniest neutrons and molecules…a single message resounds: “There’s a God! There’s a God! There’s a God!”

Breathless before glory in Psalm 19:1, not even King David could hold back what we all know to be true: “The heavens declare the glory of God, the earth displays his handiwork.” And when any human being on the face of the earth has a transcendent moment when they see glory, when they witness the handwriting of God, they can begin to understand that the glory of God is the purpose of the universe.

Before God said the first “LET THERE BE…,” He had a reason, a plan—to display His glory. God created the universe because of desires within Himself—not to complete Himself, but because He is a God Who gives, a God Who shares, a God of grace and mercy. God spoke this universe into existence so He could reveal…Himself.

And He raised the bar on glory to its highest point in this: the revelation of His Son, Jesus Christ. As the first verses of Hebrews attest, “He is the radiance of the glory of God and the exact imprint of his nature, and he upholds the universe by the word of his power.”

What the entire universe can only hint at by comparison, the Son is declaring with power and certainty and clarity. The glory of God is revealed in Jesus Christ.

Yes, God has handwriting. And Jesus is His autograph of glory. “The Word [who] became flesh and dwelt among us” has, for time and eternity, revealed transcendent glory, “…as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth,” John 1:14.

So that by the nearness of His glory we could know Him—and live with a consuming passion to make Him known.


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  • MarcusMay.24.2011

    “One Thing”

    Single-minded whole-hearted
    One thing I ask
    Single-minded whole-hearted
    One thing I ask

    That I may gaze upon Your beauty oh Lord
    That I may seek Your holy face
    That I may know You in an intimate way
    And follow after You all of my days
    Follow after You all of my days

    All of life comes down
    To just one thing
    And that’s to know You oh Jesus
    And make You known
    All of life comes down
    To just one thing
    And that’s to know You oh Jesus
    And make You known

    Charlie Hall, Copyright 1999 worshiptogether.com songs / sixsteps Music

  • AndyMay.27.2011

    Yes, actually on my way back into work tonight I was listening to the radio and they have a church of the week and at the end the program the pastor of the church of the week offers a prayer. Kind of out of nowhere this guy cuts loose with this HUGE prayer. And it was powerful and passionate, he was praying for the entire city, families, children, other pastors, the weather, invoking the name of Jesus. Honestly, I’ve heard some good prayers, but I about pulled over and bowed head and when he was done. It was just one of those moments that are hard to describe the feeling of. It’s like the Spirit is right there with you. It’s still two hours later and I’m just blown away.


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