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On Preaching Notes

September 24, 2011

I’m frequently asked about my preaching notes. In the video below, I explain the logic behind how I structure my notes. I know such things aren’t one size fits all, but hopefully there’s something helpful in there for you.



To see a page from my preaching notes on Isaiah 6:1-4, click here.


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  • Chuck PatrickSep.26.2011

    Wow…how liberating and refreshing! This sounds so similar to what I do, but none of my buddies did anything like it…so…I’m really feeling like the odd guy out, but now…FREEDOM! THANK YOU Pastor James!

  • BrandonSep.29.2011

    Love the comment about it being like a map. Looks like my history notes from college. I appreciate all the seeking and searching you must put into the messages you share.

    Thank you for using the gifts Yahweh has given you. May he continue to richly bless you. May we all stand firm and contend for the faith in the roles and places our Father has placed us in. The Harvest is plentiful.

  • richard's ramblings » Let’s hear it for messy preaching notesSep.30.2011

    […] preachers have the same idea -one of whom is James MacDonald. MacDonald explains his approach here and also has a pdf of his notes for a sermon on Isaiah 6 – I have inserted a photo of some […]


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