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Serving God Is Hard Work

March 09, 2012

God commands you to serve. This is your 24/7/365 card-carrying-follower-of-Jesus-Christ-member-of-the-family-of-God duty. Don’t say, “We should serve. Let’s pray about it.” Don’t pray about it—just do it. Find a job. Roll up your sleeves. Do it forever!


We must serve faithfully. Even when our schedule is full. Even when we want to quit. Even when our heart is breaking.


And we must not expect an immediate return for our service. Don’t serve because you expect something in return, or you’ll be disappointed. The payoff—the appreciation—comes from Jesus Christ, Himself. We are serving Him (Colossians 3:23-24).


If your kids haven’t risen up and called you blessed yet, if nobody’s figured out the kind of sacrifice that you’ve been putting into your labor, it’s not over. Don’t be impatient. And don’t quit serving, just because you don’t feel appreciated. Serving God is hard work.




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